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Yesterday was a blast. Mike Magnuson is not only a best selling author, but he is one of my closest friends. It really is just awesome to be out here and bop around town with him. Yesterday morning we headed over to the University of Wisconsin Fox Valley for my reading/presentation in the classroom. As soon as we walked inside there was an author photo of me on the wall, on fliers, on direction arrows, everywhere. We walked to the room and a lady stopped and asked if I was there for “the Sean Davis event”. Mag told her that I was the Sean Davis event.

I spoke to a bunch of kind people as the room filled up. I thought it was going to be a good turn out, but it was more than that. The entire room filled up and people had to stand in the back. I thought I would’ve been nervous but I wasn’t at all. We had a great discussion about why we write and read about war and I read three small portions of the book. At the end I fielded questions and people bought all the books I brought except one.

Then later that afternoon another friend/writer came into town. Ben Percy, author of The Wilding and Red Moon, showed up and later that night Mag, his wife Sue, Ben and I had dinner at an underground brewery in downtown Appleton, the birth place of Harry Houdini and Joe McCarthy.

It’s been a blast and I can’t wait to read at the library this afternoon.

2 comments on “The Wax Bullet War Tour 4/11/14

  1. Lauren Hudgins says:

    It’s really fun to see photos I took of you all over the place.

    1. Sean Davis says:

      I know, they put them up on the televisions and fliers and local newspapers! Thanks so much Lauren!

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