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Sean Davis

Sean Davis is the author of The Wax Bullet War, a Purple Heart Iraq War veteran, and the winner of the Legionnaire of the Year Award from the American Legion in 2015 and the recipient of the Emily Gottfried Emerging Leader, Human Rights  award for 2016. His stories, essays, and articles have appeared in the the Ted Talk Book The Misfit’s Manifesto (Simon and Schuster), Forest Avenue Press anthology City of Weird, Sixty Minutes, Story Corps, Flaunt Magazine, The Big Smoke, Human the movie, and much more.

Sean has fought in a revolution, a war, and helped save lives in New Orleans during Katrina. He fights wildland fires during the summers and occasionally lobbies in Washington DC to protect our Oregon Wildlands. He’s been a police officer, a bartender, a incident responder, a supernumerary in an opera, and currently lives in the Cascade Mountains with his wife and daughter where he chops wood, and plays with his three-legged cat Sunny.

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One comment on “Sean Davis

  1. Len Carr says:

    Hello SEan. I left you a phone message last week. Would love to discuss you coming to speak with my students at an “assembly”. Please connect to discuss. I got your name from colleague Greg McMahon -his wife knows you from something here in Portland.

    I am Len Carr at Catlin Gabel School

    Thank you for considering.

    503 297 1894 x406

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