Photo Essay Portland BLM Protest

Black Lives Matter flag being flown.
The camp set up at Lownsdale Square across from the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Court Building
The calm before the storm.
One of the younger protestors whose been there for weeks. He’s showing us the pins from gas grenades he’s collected.
Hundreds of people start to show up. Near ten thousand would be there at night.
A mother brings her kids. There were a lot more children than I thought there would be.
On the way to hear the BLM speakers.
The Wall of Vets form up.
The Wall of Vets march in
I had so many action photos that turned out blurry because I was always on the move. This is a young protestor of color getting his eyes flushed by the medics. He was gassed bad.
Much of Downtown Portland is boarded up..
I’m sad to see the property destruction and graffiti myself, but I’m even more upset at the senseless death of Black people across the country.
You want to see courage? Here it is.
This was after the first time we were gassed.