First Look at BattleGround PDX Documentary

June 1st, 2020, Donald Trump orders Lafeyette Square cleared of protestors. Unidentified federal troops shoot CS Gas and use flashbangs at US Citizens exercising their Constitutional Rights.

Only weeks later, unidentified troops come to Portland, Oregon, using the same tactics on Black Lives Matter Protesters outside the Federal Building. Purple Heart Veterans Sean Davis and Kevin Pannell decide they can’t sit on the sidelines while the country they bled for is distorted and abused.

Sean Davis, Kase Johnstun, Jessi Marsh, and Trevor Baierl came together and created a documentary that shows that this administration knowingly created a private army from various federal agencies and contractors and sent them to Portland in hopes to create chaos, purposely premeditated in the hopes to intimidate. Here is the documentary for you to watch first: