Current Veteran Projects

I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of several different projects for veterans. My book has afforded me the ability to get veterans into these programs. Please, if you know someone who is in the veteran community pass this along. Here is a list of the projects and some information.


The Telling Project. This is an opportunity for veterans of any era to tell their story. This isn’t exclusively for combat veterans. I have three slots still open presently for June 5 and 6. Here’s more information. Email me or the info address on the website.


Veteran Watercolor Sessions This is a chance for veterans with no experience painting to get into art with watercolors. It will be held at Six Days Gallery in the Alberta Arts District with me and Tiziana DellaRovere. The dates are the last two Saturdays in July and the first Saturday in August. I have a few slots left. Email me or message me on FB.


COMBAT REPORT TELEVISION SHOW – 4 episodes shooting this summer. We are looking for veterans to be US and German soldiers. The crew has an amazing prop and costume department. The episodes will be shooting in June and July. The producers are looking for soldiers so height and weight standards apply as well as no beards. A few days growth is okay. I’ll check, but for now they’re recreating Occupied France on the front so as of now no women are needed.


IN THEATRE one act stage plays. We are looking for one act plays written by veterans. We’re also looking for stage actors, directors, and crew members. Email me for more information.

OPERA – I’m still looking for three women and two men to be supernumeraries for The Canticle of the Black Madonna. This means you will dress up and be on stage for all the nights of the production and you will get paid for it.

FREE TICKETS FOR THE OPERA! – The Canticle of the Black Madonna is Oregon’s new opera that will be performed at the Newmark Theatre. The Newmark is the nicest venue of its type in Oregon and we have 800 seats to fill for SEPTEMBER 4.

Also, I’m starting an online veteran writing group with Jeff McAlpine from Clackamas Community College. Email for more information. The second anthology for ROUGH MEN STAND READY will be out by July 4th! Finally!



By Sean Davis

Sean Davis is the author of The Wax Bullet War, a Purple Heart Iraq War veteran, and the winner of the Legionnaire of the Year Award from the American Legion in 2015 and the recipient of the Emily Gottfried Emerging Leader, Human Rights award for 2016. His stories, essays, and articles have appeared in the the Ted Talk Book The Misfit’s Manifesto (Simon and Schuster), Forest Avenue Press anthology City of Weird, Sixty Minutes, Story Corps, Flaunt Magazine, The Big Smoke, Human the movie, and much more.

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