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The book’s coming out in a few week, it looks like I’ve secured a teaching position when I’m back from the tour, I’m still working on the opera, and I’m helping produce the Portland leg of an international movie. Plus, today Archie Washington and I set up the second annual In Theatre program for televised one-act stage plays.


What a great month. The Wax Bullet War will be out soon and I’ll be on my way to the Midwest. I’m heading to Wisconsin.  I will be participating in the Fox City Book Festival. In fact, I’ll be one of the key speakers and I will read at the Appleton library. Why Wisconsin? Well, my friend and mentor lives out there and we had so much fun at AWP I need to hang out with him again. Also, I’ve never been there before and I love road trips. That’s right, I’m driving and I’ll be hitting as many book stores and veteran halls on the way there and back. I’ll be blogging about the experience for sure. Plus, I don’t think there are many things better in this life than beer and cheese. I can’t wait to try the 8 year aged cheddar and drink some Spotted Cow.


On the job front news. It’s a tough world out there for us adjuncts, but I think my persistence has paid off. I’ve been courting several universities and there happens to be an amazing campus conveniently close to my house that may have a few classes for me to teach. I don’t want to jinx it but I it looks like I’ll be teaching English comp and a War and Peace humanities class. This is amazing news. I’m excited to get back in the class room. It’s one of my favorite things on the planet.

Other than that I’m keeping busy with helping this big opera happen. I spoke yesterday at an event and I’ll be speaking again on Friday for a bigger event. I’m a few days late on a blog entry for them but I’ll finish that today.

I’m setting up interviews for a group of European filmmakers. The film is called Human – The Movie and they’ll be traveling around the world visiting 60 countries to do interviews. A friend of mine who edits a international cultural magazine in LA connected them with me. They want to speak to veterans while they are in Portland and I’m setting that up.

Today, Archie Washington and I planned out the summer series for In Theatre. It’s a an opportunity for veterans to write, act, or direct one-act stage plays that will be televised live at a studio in Gresham. I’ll have more information on that soon.

I also had the best experience reading at a Foul Weather Writers event the other night. I’m looking forward to reading at a Burnt Tongue event soon.

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