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Pop Art Series Two

Keith and I worked on a number of pieces. I think we have a dozen, we’ll have 13 or 14 when we’re done. I’m putting up some pictures here, but I don’t think any of them are finished yet. We’re going to have a Hubris Umbrella: Art Show. I think we’ll do it down stairs at the Good Foot. We did it before when we had the book release. For this show I’ll need some help. I’m sure the usual suspects will help out. We’ll get the band back together; recruit the guys from P-Town Independent Press. This should be one hell of a shindig. Here’s what we’re planning.

POP ART SERIES 2 show with all these new pieces, plus prints of the first series. T-shirts as well. Some of the older better prints will be framed by Hubris Umbrella: Art.

Live performance from BLACK STEED NOVA and friends. This will be a miraculous show, especially since neither of the core members really play any instruments. I do promise a Tom Waits cover or two. We’ll be selling our Debut Album -> A Gluten Free Killing Spree: Smells Like Vegan Suicide recorded this year at Hubris Umbrella Studios.

I will be recruiting some of my writing buddies to contribute to a themed zine printed and bound by Hubris Umbrella Press. The title and theme of this zine will be PRESENT TENSE. A gift of suspense or telling what is happening right now. you decide.

Finally, we will have raffle tickets available for prizes and come down and just bullshit with me and keith. I’ll send more details as they unfold, but I am truly looking forward to this. We haven’t done anything like this since we released Motivation and Toleration.



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