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Short Non Fiction From Holly Klinger

Here’s a brave friend I want to help out. Holly has a passion for life and she wants to write about it, which is amazing since every word is a struggle for her. I hope you can spare a few seconds and go give her an encouraging comment.

Hubris Press

I’m sitting in my new neighborhood park. It’s interesting. Like you have to watch your back kind of, yet peaceful. I like my new apartment; it reminds me of my grandma’s house because it’s old. So, it was easier to feel at home right away, but, man, I don’t like the carpet because it’s harder to move the Hoyer Lift around. I can’t come and go out of my apartment myself because it’s not a big enough space to open the door for my wheelchair, but it still may be possible with a little bit of work. I don’t know if it’s even worth me moving, but I hope it is. This is all teaching me patience and not to be so stubborn in my ways… maybe. I’m not feeling the hippie vibe I wanted to feel, or new energy. I feel stagnant, even more than when I moved. Maybe…

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