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Articles and Essays

The Oregonian


An Open Letter to Donald Trump from a Purple Heart Veteran

What I Learned during My Short Time as a Lobbyist on Capitol Hill

My Mayoral Campaign: Final Report

My Mayoral Campaign: Don Quixote Rides Again

I’m Running for Mayor

Be the Amendment You Want to See in the World

Top Ten Nails in the Coffin of American Intellectualism, 2015



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One thought on “Articles, Essays, and More

  1. Hello SEan. I left you a phone message last week. Would love to discuss you coming to speak with my students at an “assembly”. Please connect to discuss. I got your name from colleague Greg McMahon -his wife knows you from something here in Portland.

    I am Len Carr at Catlin Gabel School

    Thank you for considering.

    503 297 1894 x406

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