Reporting from the Apocalypse

Sean and Xena vs. AI Art

Dispatch 23 “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” Pablo Picasso Conrad Gessner, a Zurich born naturalist, physician, and philologist wrote about the dangers of data overload in the human brain. In his book, he said that an overabundance of information was definitely “confusing and harmful” to a…

Irony Feeds Divinity – Chapter 9

Book of Ferdinand 4 “What’d you do?” Asks a hoarse voice.  “huh?” Ferdinand grunts.  “What’d you do?”  Ferdinand opens his eyes and is surprised to find himself on the floor at the foot of his suite’s bed. His head hurts so bad. It’s as if a red hot bullet had ripped through the skin and…


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Sean Davis – Dispatches from the Apocalypse – The Big Smoke

About Sean

Sean Davis is uniquely qualified for reporting the apocalypse since he’s been to the end of the world four times: once in Haiti during their revolution in 1996; in Iraq during the war; in New Orleans right after Katrina; and then in Central Oregon when the Holiday Farm Fire burned over 450 homes in his community. He is the author of The Wax Bullet War, Oregon Wildland Firefighting: A History, and much more. He currently writes for The Big Smoke and lives somewhere in Oregon with his wife, daughter Jack, and their two gigantic dogs.

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