Reporting from the Apocalypse

Irony Feeds Divinity Chapter 1

Irony Feeds Divinity – Chapter 1 The Book of The Black-Eyed Sarabaite 1 December 16th, 1972 – Somewhere in Central Oregon. Only nine days before Christmas in the Cascade Mountains, a baby-shit green Plymouth Fury station wagon blasts through a never ending assault of snowflakes just like the hard man driving would imagine it looks… Continue reading Irony Feeds Divinity Chapter 1

Irony Feeds Divinity Project

Hey, I’ve started a new project on Patreon. I know, you probably get these types of things, but this is a new religious satire. Each week I put out a couple new chapters along with an illustration. I wrote the book, and I’m drawing the illustrations. Look, here’s one now: There is a lot to… Continue reading Irony Feeds Divinity Project

Between a Hydra and a Whirlpool

Dispatch #22 “Evitata Charybdi in Scyllam incidi” (Latin for Having escaped Charybdis I fell into Scylla.) ~Erasmus speaking about Odysseus’ choice in sailing home. He could sail into a whirlpool and lose everything or sail by an island with a hydra and only lose some of his men. It’s the origin of “The Lesser of… Continue reading Between a Hydra and a Whirlpool


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Sean Davis – Dispatches from the Apocalypse – The Big Smoke

About Sean

Sean Davis is uniquely qualified for reporting the apocalypse since he’s been to the end of the world four times: once in Haiti during their revolution in 1996; in Iraq during the war; in New Orleans right after Katrina; and then in Central Oregon when the Holiday Farm Fire burned over 450 homes in his community. He is the author of The Wax Bullet War, Oregon Wildland Firefighting: A History, and much more. He currently writes for The Big Smoke and lives somewhere in Oregon with his wife, daughter Jack, and their two gigantic dogs.

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