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The Oregonian


The Origins of Valentine’s Day

I Love a Parade

Trump’s Immigration Ban: Colossal Hypocrisy

Standing Rock: Protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline

An Open Letter to Donald Trump from a Purple Heart Veteran

What I Learned during My Short Time as a Lobbyist on Capitol Hill

My Mayoral Campaign: Final Report

My Mayoral Campaign: Don Quixote Rides Again

I’m Running for Mayor

Be the Amendment You Want to See in the World

Top Ten Nails in the Coffin of American Intellectualism, 2015

The Debate on Debates

A Combat Veteran’s View: French Bombing of Syria Is Wrong



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  1. Hello SEan. I left you a phone message last week. Would love to discuss you coming to speak with my students at an “assembly”. Please connect to discuss. I got your name from colleague Greg McMahon -his wife knows you from something here in Portland.

    I am Len Carr at Catlin Gabel School

    Thank you for considering.

    503 297 1894 x406

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