Tomorrow’s the first day of shooting


It really surprises me how little time I really have. For instance, I have been trying to post this blog and send an email out to the crew of The Quixote Club since 4pm. I volunteered at the Friendly House today in NW Portland. It was a holiday party for bi/gay/lesbian/transgendered senior citizens. That was very fun and awkward for me since I didn’t have time to change from work and had to go completely overdressed in a suit. Then I was able to hit the gym before coming home to dealing with teenage drama and watching baby Jackie. Somewhere in there I’m trying to produce this shoot.

I don’t think I thanked Papa Ferruzza enough. I’m going to put a picture of him in here.He’s been so kind to us and he’s not charging us to shoot at his place. He’s a great guy also, not to mention the food is amazing. If you haven’t tried it you should. In fact, come down while we’re shooting tomorrow from noon to two or three, when the place is open.

We’ll tomorrow morning I’m going to stop by work and then take the rest of the day off to finally shoot The Quixote Club. It’s a funny little story. I’ll put up some pictures of the shoot and write about how it went. I already have a few ideas about the next short film, but I’ll wait on that.

I have a baby sitter for tomorrow and all the props, cast and equipment is ready to go.